Jennifer Borst
Jennifer Borst
Pediatric Sleep Consultant

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Let’s face it! Life is busy - super busy. It’s hard to be at your best on broken sleep. I’m here to guide your child – and your family – to sweetly satisfying sleep.


Insider’s Guide to the Top SLEEP TIPS!


If your child’s sleep is negatively impacting family wellbeing you are not alone.


Parents need sleep just as much as kids do!  Missing out on sleep can literally leave parents “sleep drunk.” Sleep research has shown that lack of sleep reduces response times and accuracy -  similar to having a blood alcohol level known to impair driving.   Tired parents are also more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, as well as trouble coping with life’s stressors.  It's hard to be the person - and parent - you want to be without adequate sleep.


Hey, I’m Jennifer Borst, and as a Pediatrician and Mother of 3, I know the sleep struggle. When you feel stretched thin, it’s hard to be at your best. With poor sleep, the job of parenting becomes that much harder.  


I’m here to offer you something you can do right now to make your life easier: guidance that will help your little one become a better sleeper.  




Working with Jennifer has been life changing for our family. We knew that we were creating bad sleep habits for our daughter but we had no idea how to fix them.

- The MacDougall Family

I have a boy who is 6 years old and has struggled with sleep for the past 3 years. My son would get up 10+ times a night. I use to sleep with him every night and it got so bad that I ended up moving his bed in my room just so everyone would get a good night's sleep.  As a family we were so sleep deprived and I had no idea what sleeping in my own bed was like anymore.  Jennifer and her guidance has truly given our family back the sleep that we all need.  I could  not have done any of this without her.  I would absolutely recommend anyone who is struggling with their children to Jennifer.  

-The Silliker Family