Jenny was amazingly helpful. From the first time we met, I knew that working with her was going to be a positive experience. However, I had no idea how very beneficial it would be. Jenny’s gentle but confident guidance, her ability to anticipate and fully address my concerns, and her all-inclusive view of baby’s well-being were what made her such a great sleep coach. She created the ideal sleep plan that worked for our family and it has proven to work through travel and time changes too. We now get a full night’s sleep and predictable, lengthy naps. YEAH!!! I cannot say enough positive comments about Jenny as a person and as a sleep coach. Because of Jenny, I am a better mom! Thank you! You’ve made our home a more fun and loving space.
— The MacKenzie Family

Freddie struggled to settle himself at night and there was no way he was sleeping in his crib for naps. We were driving every three hours just to get him to sleep. Jennifer was a pleasure to work with. She really listened and took into consideration what worked for our family when forming our sleep plan. We followed her plan and our little one was sleeping well both at naps and during the night within weeks.
— Cassady & Freddie - age 5 months

Working with Jennifer has been life changing for our family. We knew that we were creating bad sleep habits for our daughter but we had no idea how to fix them. Jennifer’s calm and reassuring manner made us feel instantly at ease and capable of fixing our problem. At the end of two weeks our daughter was napping during the day and going to bed at night on a regular schedule and ALL of her sleep was occurring in her own room. She is a much happier and more relaxed baby and we are now all getting a good night’s sleep. I can’t recommend Jennifer highly enough if you are experiencing challenges with your child’s sleep.
— The MacDougall Family

Jennifer was very patient and respectful of my families’ wishes and she always considered my twins’ needs throughout our sleep training journey. Whenever an obstacle presented itself, Jennifer always had another solution to suggest. She’s very thorough, detailed and considerate in her work and was amazing while working with our family, even at the most stressful of times. If she could work with my twins, at their age, and make two skeptical parents believe in her sleep training methods, then I know she’s more than able to train singles and multiples of babies/toddlers or young children. Thanks to Jennifer, my partner and I can now sleep baby-free, in our own bed, through the night and our twins are now independent, and able to self-soothe to sleep and stay asleep! BIG, BIG THANK You!
— The Williams-Paynter Family

Prior to meeting with Jennifer I was drowning at bedtime with my 20 month old. She just would not sleep in her own bed. Jennifer deeply listened to my concerns. I felt heard and understood. Best of all the tips she gave me really paid off. I have gained more independence at bedtime with my Ali and my sanity back. I no longer dread bedtime.
— Chrissy Anne Hollis, Spiritual Grief Coach